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Small Power Distribution

With so many appliances and gadgets now in daily use, it is almost impossible to find enough sockets for powering all the necessary equipment required.

Through small power distribution, we can add outlets and charging points as required to keep everything running at all times.

In the workplace, you shouldn’t have people fighting over boiling the kettle and printing a document. You should be able to charge mobile phones whilst talking on landlines, and run PCs with dual monitor setups. Yet, unless you have the right small power distribution, you could find yourself endlessly plugging and unplugging your various devices.

We can install industrial power outlets and the typical 13 amp sockets, as well as USB charging points if they’re needed. Thought should go into to the placement, as well as the number of outlets required to provide sufficient points and reduce trailing leads which can cause trip hazards and other safety related issues.

We will happily discuss your requirements and expectations, installing and modifying as required in line with all of the relevant regulations.