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Reactive and planned maintenance services


When Flying Sparks first came into being, reactive maintenance was where it all began. Though we’ve since expanded our services, we know that our beginnings provided an important service for all types of commercial property.

Reactive maintenance, or repair, can come in one of two forms. We might be required immediately, at the time of breakdown, or later for reactive works at a convenient and suitable time.

Rapid emergency response

A rapid response is essential.

We ensure that you are not waiting days for a response to any query. Your emergencies are treated as our emergencies, not as things that can wait until they’re more convenient for us.

A prepared fleet

We have a GPS-equipped fleet of vehicles, all carrying substantial stock on board. Unless your issue requires a specialist part, there is a high chance that it’s already in the van. No time is wasted sourcing parts from suppliers, unless the repair is particularly tricky.

If we do need to source parts, we have a few more tricks up our sleeves. We have accounts with all major suppliers and distributors throughout UK, which means that the parts you need are never more than a few calls away.

Professional reactive maintenance

We can offer a call out service for emergencies, with a swift response and a friendly face bringing the skills and spare parts that are needed.

We’ll do all that we can to get everything back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you can continue to operate your business, you can trust us to work around you with everyone’s safety in mind. If it is identified that we need to close a section of the premises while the repair is carried out, you are assured that we’ll fully discuss this with you first and provide regular updates throughout the works for you to pass on to your staff and customers.

Our reactive services include same day or next day response for health and safety requirements, or business critical issues. For repairs that are not an emergency, we’ll secure you a scheduled appointment that it suitable for you and your business.


Planned maintenance is a preventative measure, aimed at keeping your equipment working exactly as it should.

Regular maintenance will alert you to any issues that could be hazardous or dangerous. It will also make you aware of developing issues, then stop them in their tracks. Maintaining equipment will also keep it working at its most efficient, potentially cutting running costs, reducing your energy bills.

Repairs can be costly. The financial impact grows if a breakdown leads to business closure, or in any way limits your output. By arranging planned maintenance at regular intervals, you can significantly reduce the risks of breakdowns and keep your bank balance in better condition.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is proven to extend the life of equipment and reduce the overall running costs.

Common types of preventative maintenance

We are happy to talk with you about any electrical maintenance that is required within your commercial premises and can tailor a unique program to suit your specific requirements and budget. Common types of maintenance include:

Condition based preventative maintenance

We are equipped to carry out condition-based maintenance. With this, we will monitor the condition of equipment to determine if further maintenance is needed.

Planned maintenance to suit your requirements

As it isn’t an emergency, planned maintenance can be carried out to a more flexible schedule. As required, our engineers can visit your premises outside of your operating hours. Our aim is to keep disruption to a minimum, allowing you and your employees to keep doing what you do best.

By contacting Flying Sparks to arrange planned maintenance, we can arrange for a maintenance program to be implemented at regular intervals so you stand the best possible chance of avoiding costly breakdowns and health and safety risks.

Call to see how we can offer peace of mind, leaving you to focus on running your business to the high standards that are so important.