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Office Relocations

Moving to new offices can be a big adventure. It’s an exciting experience in all cases, and may be a visual representation of the ongoing success of your business. It’s also a challenging time, requiring detailed planning and patience from everyone involved.

Flying Sparks can support your office relocation, pitching in to carry out all of the electrical projects. This might require the removal of existing equipment at your current location and the reinstallation of that equipment at your new premises. We work around you so engineers would be booked in to be on site at both locations to fit in with your schedule. Other services include the installation of new power points and lighting to suite your layout, and not the one you inherit.

We understand that office relocations are already stressful enough. That’s why it helps to have Flying Sparks there by your side through the big move. We are courteous and will work around your requirements, with a level of flexibility that helps you to stay in control. All work is carried out safely and we don’t leave a trail of mess behind us.

We will show up when we’ve told you to expect us. During an office relocation, you need everything to go smoothly and shouldn’t be waiting by the door for engineers that are arriving sometime ‘between 8am and 5pm’.

Our office relocations are peace of mind for inspections, installations and adjustments that will have you feeling at home in no time.