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Lighting Services

Lighting Installations

Flying Sparks can provide lighting installations for commercial properties of every shape, size and type. Our installation services cover everything from additional lighting to complete new systems. In addition, we can carry out modifications to existing systems due to layout changes. Our installation service is specifically tailored to your requirements and business.

For the best lighting, you should consider running costs, lamp replacement frequency and the overall aesthetics. When we carry out a lighting installation, we factor all of this into a recommendation to bring you the very best lighting.

Using the latest equipment ensures that your lighting will stand the test of time, with low running costs as an additional benefit allowing recovery of your investment over a short period of time.

Lighting type and placement are particularly important, creating the right mood and ensuring that the most important areas of any room are highlighted. Of course, it’s also essential that rooms are well-lit overall.

The impact of good lighting is bigger than you think. It can reduce safety risks, but can also play a significant part in encouraging sales or helping your students or employees to focus and even improve mood.

As specialists in commercial lighting, Flying Sparks can find the solution that meets your needs and offer a reliable, professional and flexible lighting installation service.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

We can improve the efficiency of your existing lighting system, by upgrading the equipment that’s in place minimising disruption. LED lights are brighter and more energy-efficient. By replacing your existing lights with LEDs, you could reduce your running costs by a considerable amount. LED lights also last longer than other types of lamps reducing maintenance costs. Many LED lamps can have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours, whilst fluorescent lamps may have a lifespan of only 10,000.

As well as changing the lights themselves, we can swap your light switches for energy-saving sensors. Movement detectors will switch the lights on when someone’s in the room, and off again once they stop detecting movement. As a result, lights are never left on overnight or when the building is empty. We can implement more complex switching arrangements for example, lighting controlled via light sensors so only the areas that require lighting will switch on while lights near natural light will switch off until the LUX levels drop below a set point. These systems mean that you are only paying for the lights to be on where necessary.

Since 2009, incandescent lamps have been phased out in favour of energy-efficient alternatives. But, there are still improvements to be made. If you are not using the most energy-efficient lighting in your shop, office, warehouse, hotel, school or other commercial building, then we can arrange periodic upgrades of older and less energy efficient lamps.

Keeping up with the latest energy-saving technology won’t just help the environment. It will also ensure that your electricity bill is as low as possible, keeping your running costs to a minimum.


We can replace lamps within your property, perhaps switching the now unavailable incandescent lighting for fluorescent, or energy-efficient LED. Lighting maintenance is essential. It won’t just save money and lower your environmental impact, but can also be important for health and safety. When one lamp is out of action, the concern is usually minimal. If a few need replacing, the resulting loss of light can lead to an increase of slips, trips and falls due to lower visibility.

A Flying Sparks engineer can visit your property for re-lamping and lighting maintenance. We can carry out a survey of your current energy efficiency, with a detailed inspection of your current lighting. A report can be provided, detailing any recommended improvements.

Fluorescent tubes and GLS lamps can be up to 50% less efficient than modern light fittings, as well as having a shorter average lifespan. We can retrofit your existing lighting, to replace inefficient lamps with modern alternatives at a budget-friendly price.

Illuminate your commercial premises with our lighting installation, maintenance, upgrades or re-lamping services. Call today to discuss your requirements.