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Fire Alarm Services

Servicing and maintenance

All commercial properties must have a working fire alarm system.

You have a responsibility to keep your fire equipment in good condition, which includes regular testing and maintenance of your fire alarms.

Your fire alarm should include an audible alert. You may also want to include a visual alert, such as a flashing beacon, which will work as part of the system.

In commercial properties, a full fire drill should be carried out at least once a year. Ideally, you’ll do these more frequently. As well as ensuring that your employees know what to do in an emergency, the fire drill is your chance to test that your fire alarm is working. But, once a year is not enough. A lot can go wrong in 365 days.

Check fire alarms regularly – preferably once a week – to make sure that they’re functioning properly.

For professional fire alarm servicing and maintenance, you can call on Flying Sparks. Our service includes a log book that details the points that have been tested, as well as recording any remedial work that has been carried out on the system. All the stress and hassle of creating a report is taken away from you. We provide certification to show that you are compliant with all UK regulations.

Professional maintenance should be carried out at least annually, and ideally closer to quarterly. Between, you can carry out more basic in-house checks.


For new properties, and complete refits, fire alarm installations are essential. Fire alarms are security features that should never be an afterthought, which is why it’s important to plan early and schedule your installation in plenty of time.

Flying Sparks can provide full fire alarm installation services, as well as extensions and alterations to any existing system.

We work to provide minimal disruption. This might include carrying work out overnight, or over the weekend. Wherever possible, we can work safely around your employees and customers so that you can stay open throughout.

Every system is different. We can work with you, using our professionalism and years of experience to design the most suitable fire alarm system within budget and to suit your property layout.

Of course, all fire alarm systems installed by Flying Sparks will be tested on completion and certification issued. For your peace of mind, you will be kept up to date during every part of the process. We will also talk you through exactly what’s being done and provide training, because it is essential that you understand exactly how your fire alarm will work.

Most fire alarm systems feature detectors and audible alarms, but we are also happy to talk through any additional required features such as flashing beacons to alert those with limited hearing.

To speak about fire alarm installations, or changes to your existing fire detection system, please contact Flying Sparks with a brief explanation of your needs.