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Energy Optimisation Services

We all want to save money. Many of us also want to do our bit for the environment. With energy optimisation, you can do both.

Making energy-efficient upgrades to your existing equipment can reduce running costs, reduce the need for repairs and maintenance and make your business more eco-friendly.


Did you know that a typical fluorescent tube only lasts for around 10,000 hours, whilst an LED lamp has a typical lifespan of up to 60,000? In addition, LED lights can be 3x more efficient resulting in a much smaller annual electricity bill.

Recent changes to regulations have ensured that all of us now use what we would once have described as ‘energy saving lamps’. They’re now the norm in homes and workplaces all over the UK, but are still not the most efficient and reliable option. With our energy optimisation services, we can ensure that you really are making the most of your money.

Motion & LUX sensor installations

Flying Sparks’ energy optimisation services don’t just include conversions from fluorescent lights to LED, but can also involve installing motion & LUX sensors to replace your existing light switches.

In offices, leisure centres and a variety of other properties where the lights are nobody’s responsibility in particular, a motion sensor ensures that all lights are definitely switched off when everyone leaves the building. Motion sensors work on a timer, switching lights off automatically when they haven’t detected movement in a set period. Lux sensors work off lighting levels and will switch off lights when there is sufficient natural daylight.

Leaving ten 40W lights working overnight will add roughly 60p to your energy bill. This might not seem like much, but think how quickly the costs can add up!

Other energy optimisation

Speak with us about other ways that you can improve energy efficiency in your commercial property. Whether it’s smart metering of your energy or heating controls. No matter the size or purpose we have the required knowledge and experience to highlight any potential improvements, and to help you assess the costs and benefits.