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Emergency Lighting Services

Servicing and maintenance

It’s absolutely essential that your emergency lighting is ready to work when it’s needed.

In a power cut, the emergency lights may ensure that there are no trips, falls or accidents on-site.

In more serious situations, the emergency lighting may highlight escape routes, providing a visible route to an exit and potentially saving a life.

Maintenance of emergency lighting is not to be ignored. Just like you’re told to regularly test your fire alarms, you should be sure that your lights are in full working order.

Emergency lights are powered by a backup battery, which means that your usual electrical wiring checks are not enough to make sure that they’re functional.

They should automatically power on when no other lighting is available. Your system may include illuminated signs, emergency escape lighting and standby lighting, with the latter being used to enable your business to carry on as normal in the event of a short-term power cut.

Emergency lighting should continue to work for up to 3 hours in some cases after a power failure. Unless it is regularly tested and properly maintained, you cannot be sure that this will happen.

You should:

– Test the emergency lighting within your commercial property at least once a month. These tests may require you to simulate a power cut, by shutting down your mains power and standard lighting.

– Schedule annual testing and regular maintenance with a professional electrical engineer, who will carry out a more stringent test of your emergency lighting equipment.

Flying Sparks can tailor a testing and maintenance service to suit your requirements and business premises. Log books and records can be provided, acting as evidence that you’re doing your bit to stay in line with health and safety regulations.


Whether you need full emergency lighting installation or minor repairs and replacements, you can contact Flying Sparks for a discussion.

We can work with you to schedule an installation that meets your needs, at a time that suits your business. We will not cause any unnecessary disruption. Our engineers are happy to work around your opening hours, to install your emergency lights overnight or at any other time.

Emergency lighting installations can include brand new installs, extensions of existing systems or modifications to whatever is already in place. A small change to an existing system may be all that is necessary, or you may need a full installation for a brand-new property.
According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, emergency routes and exits must be provided with emergency lighting. For the safety of staff and customers, it may also be necessary to use your lighting to highlight essential emergency equipment so that it can easily be found in the dark (and through smoke, if necessary).

The system that we install will be designed to suit your unique premises, with illuminated exit signs and corridor lighting as required. We can also install emergency backup lighting, to keep your business running in the event of a short-term power cut.

As we work with you to prepare your installation, we will take your budget into account. All factors will be considered as we find the best way to install emergency lighting within your commercial premises.

Call today to discuss your requirements with the Flying Sparks team.