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Distribution Equipment Installation & Upgrade

Distribution systems are used to distribute power to various locations around the premises and then provide fused protection for individual final circuits. Distribution equipment is under more pressure than ever before, as our requirements and demands increase.

Older distribution systems were not designed with today’s needs in mind. Just twenty years ago electrical systems were not design to meet our current demands and this is only set to rise with introduction of new technology.

Today, installation and upgrade of distribution equipment ensures safety, efficiency and reliability, all of which are essential in any commercial premises.

In planning, we take into account the demand that will be placed on the system. We also consider the future, so that further changes aren’t required just a year or two down the line.

We consider your needs, keep you informed and can make our own recommendations. Contact us to discuss your requirements, so that we can plan for distribution equipment that will keep your business powered up well in to the future.